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At RE/MAX 2000 Realty, experienced brokers will have access to our most powerful multi channel cross-media marketing. With our approved supplier in staging service, virtual tour, air photography, and direct mail, brokers can certainly be benefited with lower cost and turnaround time, thus, reach more prospects and can close deal faster . Supported by highly trained professional staff members, the learning curve will be much shorter and the result is guaranteed.


Here at RE/MAX 2000 Realty, we have always been looking for new and experienced salespersons to join our team. We have a nurturing environment that can help you become a better realtor. Attend our weekly and monthly training and meeting sessions to get market update and learn how to be a successful agent.

Interested to join our team? Call Kuan Sung now at  (626) 964-8999 to get a sneak peek on the competitive advantage that you will get from joining our team.

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RE/MAX 2000
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